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Microwave Momo

Sometime back my brother and I had veg.momos at a restaurant. Being a foodie and a moderately good cook, I tried making momos at home, and, to my surprise, it was quite a hit.

The momos I tried were normal steamed ones – I don’t prefer the fried variety as it involves the same procedure, followed by deep-frying. In restaurants, steamers are used for steaming momos. I just used my microwave idli maker to steam the momos.

Just putting down the recipe of Veg.momo ( you can also prepare chicken momo using this recipe by adding some shredded chicken in the stuffing).


1. Spring Onion- 5-6
2. Garlic -10 flakes
3. Onion – small
4. Carrot – 1 medium
5. Capsicum- 1
6. Beans
7. Green Chilli Sauce
8. Chinese Red Chilli Sauce
9. Soya Sauce
10. Black Pepper
11. Tomato -1 small, pureed
12. Salt and Sugar
13. Flour -1.5 cup
14. Vegetable oil – 4 tbsp (at max.)
16. Vinegar


First,finely chop ingredients 1-6. Keep aside 1/5 of the chopped vegetables aside. Heat 1 tbsp oil in a non stick pan. Put the vegetables and stir fry till they are a bit crisp as well as tender. Put in 1/2 teaspoon each of Soya Sauce, Green Chilli Sauce and Chinese Red Chilli Sauce. Add a little salt. Remove the pan from heat and keep the contents aside.


To prepare the soup, put 1 tbsp oil in a non stick pan. Add tomato puree and cook it for 2 minutes. Add .5 tsp Vinegar, 4 tbsp Chinese Red Chilli Sauce. Add 1 tsp of Green Chilli Sauce ( you may add black pepper if you wish). Cook for 1 minute in medium heat. Add 1.5 cups of water. Add the remaining 1/5vegetables in. Add salt and sugar to taste. Boil for 3 minutes and remove from heat.


Take 1.5 cup flour, 1 tbsp oil and mix well. Add water and make a smooth dough. It should not too soft. Take a small amount of the dough and make a thin round shaped form.Put in some amount of stuffing in the middle and seal the ends either by bringing the parts of the rim towards the centre and merging them or by making a simple semi circle and sealing the opposite ends. Try to give the folds some shape. Will look nice 🙂
Prepare other momos in the same way. Brush the momos with remaining oil.

Take your microwave idli maker and oil the surfaces of the idli plate.
Put water in your microwave idli maker and heat for two minutes in convection mode. Take out the idli maker and remove its lid after this. Do this cautiously using a glove,else the steam may burn your skin. Put inside a few momos (remember, this will give you an idea about the cooking time) and steam for two minutes. After two minutes, turn them over and steam for one minute. After a minute of standing time,take the momos outside and check if they are steamed properly ( in this case, the outer surface will harden a little bit).
Prepare the remaining momos in the similar way.The later batches are cooked a bit faster.


Put two to three momos in a plate and soup in a bowl.Remember, the soup should be served very hot. So, reheat the soup if required.


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